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What is it?

Thanks to modern technology the world has become closer. In business life as well as in our private surroundings we communicate with the whole world. The quality of this communication always depends on the possibility to understand your dialogue partner. To be able to speak the language of the person on the other side of the table is getting more and more important.  At our camps you will learn the German language, improve your knowledge or get prepared for business life in a German speaking country.

Every country has got its own culture which is a result of its history , its circumstances of life in the past and how they evolved into the present day. Art, festivals, fashion, customs and the general way of life make every region unique. Therefore it is an important part of our camps to get to know the various kinds of culture in the German speaking countries.

At the SPRACHKULTURCAMP you will learn the language and get the skills  to act appropriately in your setting at our intercultural trainings.  Speak the German language and find the differences in the way we live, work and socialise.


E Sprachkulturcamp What
E Language Aims

Language Targets

Depending on their previous knowledge of German , your age, your profession or objectives there may be numerous reasons why someone would attend the Language Camp.

1. Personal aims of every participant will be set at the beginning and the progress will be documented throughout the language camp.
Reach your personal goal!

2. To study at a German / Austrian University you need to proof your language skills. The so called ÖSD - Sprachdiplome are such diplomas which confirm your knowledge of the language. In our camps you will get the preparation to pass those exams.
For further informatione about the ÖSD Sprachdiplome and the criteria please contact us.

3. Special language challenges and duties which you need for business or everyday life will be achieved by the participant of one of our camps.

Thelectures will be held by language teachers, qulified interpreters and practicioners from business-life. Specially educated experts will be available for the intercultral traininig.
And you will be constantly practice your German!

Kleine Gruppen
Moderne Kommunikation
Sprache aktuell
Trainer - Muttersprache


3 or 4 days of language exercises and intercultural trainings

E Intensive Camps


3 weeks of  language trainings
plus sports & culture


3 weeks of language trainings
plus sports & culture

E Summercamps
E Wintercamps


included in any camp

language learning materials

Small groups only

Leisure and social activities
sights and events

free internet

sports & culture program

summer & winter

or ÖSD Zertifikat

E contents
E contacts
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