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I consent, on my behalf, to SPRACHKULTURCAMP Reisebüro M.Herovitsch processing


my personal data, in particular


  • any master data (last name, first name, address, email address, telephone number),

  • the data contained within travel documents (in particular passport number, passport data, date of birth, issuing authority, expiration date, biometric data, national heritage),

  • data regarding payment type and pertaining to EC-cards, credit cards and bank cards,

  • destinations, hotels, length of stay, contact persons, conditions, special services, medical data, frequent flyer number and

  • medical data including medication e.g. in connection with allergies and illnesses of any kind, as well as data on special requirements and regarding marital-/ partnership


for the following purposes within the premise of acting as travel agent or tour operator (hereinafter referred to as “travel agent”):


o Bookings pertaining to travel, guides, hotels, restaurants, rental vehicles, transfers, registry, insurance, events, tours, accreditation and vouchers including customer systems, invoicing and checking thereof (B2B, B2C, FIT),

o Booking tickets

o Booking hotels


Furthermore, I consent to my data being passed on to


o Group companies

o Cooperating partners

o Emergency hotlines

o Online booking platforms


And their agents.


I want all tours and all connected services, which I book through the travel agent in future, to be as executed as effectively and efficiently as possible, and that my particular customer wishes continue to be considered moving forward. So that I may receive optimum customer service, I consent that


  • all my data, as specified in this document, may be kept on file beyond the duration of my business relationship with the travel agent and

  • at most 7 years after the longest statutory requirement to preserve records,

  • so that this data may be used to create new bookings, as specified by myself, and

  • can be passed on to third parties, to the extent necessary.


I was advised, that I am entitled to partially rescind or entirely revoke this declaration of consent at any time with respect to the travel agent.


I acknowledge that the data protection policies of the travel agent are published on their website [xxx] and hereby acknowledge that I have read, understood and agree with them.


Yes, I would like to receive electronic post and advertisements e.g. in the form of newsletters or other mail-outs, in order to partake in competitions voucher and coupon activities but also invitations and information regarding personal occasions such as birthdays etc. for marketing purposes.  I acknowledge, that I can rescind this declaration of consent at any time, if I send the according email to the travel agent at .

I confirm that I am not registered on the “Robinson” list, in accordance with § 7 Section 2 of the e-commerce legislation.

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