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Learning for life.

With school!

We take the wishes of the students and teachers into account when designing our programs and the content is of course adapted to the respective age group. We create documents for the participants to prepare for the planned days.

Accommodation is also discussed in advance with the representatives of the school and parents, as is the journey to and from the location and the transfers required to be able to perceive the individual project points.

Professional support, flexible in terms of topics!


  • We are happy to offer all of our CULTURE camps as project days for school classes.

  • NATUREcamps include topics related to natural phenomena and how they shaped people and how these phenomena could be used. Among other things, there is everything to do with glacier science, hydropower, moors, the ibex and much more!

  • At the MUSICcamps , the history and development of music are just as much a focus as one's own practice - because there is more than just yodelling in the Tyrolean mountains!

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