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content & targets

  1. Check of your actual German language skills
    and find out about the personal participants' targets:
    - increase general German language knowledge   
    - preparation for specific German tests (e.g. ösd - tests) 

  2. Theorie and practical German trainings

  3. Sports, culture and leisure activities
    Wintercamp Ski:
            Sports, culture and leisure activities
            4x per week ski (race)trainings at a local Tyrolean ski club
            or skiing together within the group (without race training)
         + 1 Sports event per week - either to watch or participate

    Austrian culture:
    music / literature / traditionals
    3x per week activities in your chosen topic
    + 1 event per week

    Austrian cuisine:
    find out how to cook a traditional regional meal

3 weeks in January /February
with German language training and practice!

Or at any time for groups 4 or more!
Set your own date - just contact us for availability and price.

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