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Summer is getting closer!

It is about time to plan your summer 2018 and for all those who want to use this time to increase your German or even start to learn this language we offer our SPRACHKULTURCAMPS at the following dates:
08. Juli - 29.Juli 2018 &
29.Juli - 19.August 2018

Besides German classes you also will get to know everything about how to live in the Tyrolean Alps, see most of the sights between Salzburg, Innsbruck and Munich and do a lot of acitvities up the mountains.
Mountainbiking, hiking or just haveing a barbeque. 

Early bird booking!
For all those who can make their decision until end of March we will give you a special price for one of our three weeks Sprachkulturcamps 2018
You pay € 2.100,00 instead of € 2.430,00 - valid for bookings until end of March 2018.
So the best would be to book straight ahead. You will find our summercamps at "Gruppendienstleistungen" at our booking site Anmeldungen.
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